Best Ladder Ball Sets (2018 Reviews)

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GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 Bolos

This is the #1 selling ladder toss on Amazon in 2018.

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set with 6 Bolo Balls, Travel Carrying Case and Score Trackers

There are few things we enjoy more than a fine game of summer ladder ball.

Getting outdoors with your pals, throwing the balls around, perhaps having a cocktail or two really speaks to us. To truly enjoy a game of ladder ball, though, one must find a set that performs admirably and consistently. There are a few things that separate quality sets from others, ones that making spending a few extra bucks worth it.

One of the most important aspects of a quality set is a sturdy base. So often we see ladder ball sets that come with a cheap and unreliable frame, which can effect the enjoyment of the game. If they’re constantly shifting and moving around the game will lose its luster pretty quickly.

A second sign of a good set is one where the balls are reasonably far apart on the rope to ensure you can spin them properly. Third, make sure the set is durable.

Ones made of cheap materials will break down on you quickly, especially if you have friends who treat them like hurdles.

There are some great sets out there that we highly recommend that provide quality at a fair price. Today we’ll look at three we like and that we think are the best ladder balls sets out there.

The set here from GoSports certainly lives up to its title of “Premium.” The set comes with a square base that gives it added stability and uses real golf balls on their bolas for added authenticity. Where we really see this set excel is in their use of higher quality and thicker PVC pipes for the rungs. This makes the set significantly more durable than its counterparts and may just keep those hurdle-jumping friends from breaking the rungs in two. This is one of the best sets because if its dedication to using quality parts and practices to improve game play, and subsequently, our enjoyment while playing.

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game

This set from Triumph Sports provides all the hallmarks of a fine ladder ball set. A sturdy base that lays flat and solid balls this is a very versatile set that works in any setting. It comes with a carrying case as well, should you want to use it at a picnic or a campsite. This is one of the best sets we’ve come across because of its durability and playability. Some sets can be fragile, but we’ve found that this one from Triumph is more than capable of holding it’s on wherever you choose to use it.

Triumph Sports USA 35-7015 Ladder Toss

These are what we have determined to be the three best ladder ball sets. While each set offers unique traits to the user, ultimately they all offer the same things everyone is looking for in a ladder ball set: reliability, durability, and the opportunity for fun with family and friends. The rules of Ladder Ball are super simple and can be followed by anyone. Find the set that works best for you and yours and get out there and enjoy.

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