The BEST nets for playing soccer in your backyard!

best backyard soccer nets

Of all the summertime backyard activities, we rarely get into ones that are sports in the traditional sense. We discuss plenty of games and activities that require one to have a drink in their hand at all times, because they’re fun and summer is to be enjoyed. What we don’t talk about are miniature versions of the games we all grew up playing, like soccer.

While we would usually associate something like this with kids, it can actually be a ball for adults to play as well. It’s a great way to get a bit of a sweat going, not overdoing it of course, while having some fun and mixing in a few cocktails later.

Something we’ve recently discovered is that backyard soccer can actually be quite easy and affordable. You can even make your own goal. There are tons of options for small pop-up nets that, space permitting, work in any yard or field. You’re not beholden to playing on a large field where, unless you’re Messi, you’re going to be gassed as soon as you take one lap of the field. These backyard soccer nets work great for kids, adults, or whoever wants to jump in and kick the ball around.

Not only that, but should you feel the need to kick your kids out of the house and want them to be doing something active, this is a fine activity for that. Soccer is a great way to expel any extra energy, keep the kids healthy, and have them doing something safe within eyesight. While the fun options for these nets are unlimited, there are practical uses as well. Keeping the kids out of your hair for a few hours on a summer afternoon will go a long way in ensuring good mental health.

Finding something sturdy is important, as these games can get a little physical at times and there’s always someone out there lacking spatial awareness who may crash into it. that’s why all the nets we decided to talk about today are built to last, while maintaining an affordable price. As always, we try to provide items for review that we deem to be of solid value.

We like things that are solid, fun, and provide long-lasting fun. We feel we’ve hit on another solid backyard activity that will be great for adults, kids, and anyone who’s willing to participate. With all of that said, here are the best soccer nets for the backyard for this summer and many afterwards.

Best Soccer Nets for Your Backyard

best backyard soccer net for children

The first set we wanted to discuss is this number from Little Tikes. Little Tikes does a great job making products for young children who are active and looking for fun. This set is probably best not to be used by adults who are looking for a game after a few cocktails, but it’s great for kids.

What we like about this set a lot is the quality and the price. Little Tikes make quality toys and of all the times we reviewed their products, they’ve never produced something we didn’t believe in. On top of that, the cost for net, ball, and air pump is under $30. While price isn’t always everything, this is a set that’s built well and won’t put a huge dent in the wallet. We’re always going to recommend things that are affordable, and this fine set for the young ones is no exception.

As always, a product from Little Tikes has exceeded our expectations. Between the quality of the set, the price, and what you get for your money, this should be a slam-dunk for anyone looking to fill the time for their young kids.

best backyard soccer net

The second set we wanted to talk about is this one from Franklin. Franklin is also a company that we come across quite a bit, due to their omnipresence in the sports equipment field as well as the fact that we just like their products. This net we came across is no exception either, being a fine option for any age who feels like playing.

This is the type of net you can throw up anywhere for any reason, whether it be for your kids to expel some energy, your teens to practice their game, or adults at a party for a little fun. Either way, this is the type of net you’re going to get your money out of.

Speaking of money, for only $20 this is extremely affordable and something that anyone can get their hands on. What we like about Franklin products is the fact that they’re never going to gouge on price given the quality of their equipment. With Franklin, no matter what the use, you can be guaranteed that you’re going to get a fine product for a fair price, which is really all anyone is ever asking for anyway.

best soccer net

The last set we wanted to take a look at is this one from GOLME. This last set is a little different in that it’s quite portable, making it easy to take to any party; whether it be at someone else’s home or at a park where people are gathering. This set comes with two nets and a carrying case for each, making it quite easy to get around.

They’re also incredibly easy to set up, requiring only a twist to set up and to take down. This is a set that’s really well suited for people of any age, but certainly speaks to adults with the ability to go anywhere and take a beating.

For under $60, you’re getting quite a bit here as well. What we like about this set is how versatile it is and how affordable it is. Again, when we look for products that are versatile and valuable, this is the type of thing we’re talking about. It’s not from a company we’ve come across before, but that doesn’t mean it’s something we don’t believe in.

After putting it through the ringer it has certainly achieved our seal of approval. Whether you’re looking for fun in the yard, the field, or the beach, this is definitely a set you should be considering.


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