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Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Playset

To take a different approach, we thought we would look at something that isn’t just for adults today. We wanted to touch on the backyard staple for kids that is the outdoor playset. You know what I’m talking about- those jungle gym type contraptions that you can set up on your own in the backyard. Playsets are a great way for kids to expel some energy during the day in a safe and fun way. Given your handyman skills, these can be pretty simple to get wrapped up in the course of a day. A few friends and a case of beer should be more than sufficient to completing the task.

We thought we would cover backyard playsets because, unlike myself, not everyone has the luxury to indulge their interests when they’re given some free time. Some of us have greater responsibilities than wondering where we’re going to find our next pint. Those people want a way to keep their kids entertained while having a little space and time of their own to relax, and setting up a playset to find that is an age-old problem solver.

We thought it would be best to take a look at what we have determined to be the best outdoor playsets through extensive watching of children play, amongst other rigorous tests. Each one of these playsets offers something different than the next and each comes in at a slightly different price point. There should be something that works for you here no matter what size yard you have. These things can get out of hand size wise from time to time so we chose three that aren’t too obtrusive and should fit into any decent sized yard.

Kids love these things and spending some time in the yard with your family with the kids entertaining themselves is not a bad way to while away the time. With that in mind, here are the three best outdoor playsets that we have come across recently. Take a good look at what we have down here and and make an informed decision on what works best for you and your family.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

The first playset we chose to look at was this tasty number from Backyard Discovery. What we liked about this one is that it’s the Cadillac of the three playsets we reviewed. When you take a close look at it its pretty much got it all. From the big slide to the rock climbing wall you can guarantee that your kids will be entertained for hours.

What’s great about this one is that, amongst all the fine elements that kids will enjoy playing with, is that this is the largest of the three sets. What makes this so great is that it’s large enough to house and entertain multiple kids at once, so not will you be relaxed but it can give your neighbours a reprieve as well. It has a small clubhouse area at the top as well so the kids will feel like they have their own space.

Alternately, something this big is bound to take up a lot of yard space. This probably isn’t going to work if you have an average sized yard, unless you’re willing to give up the majority of your grass for a playset. It’s also quite heavy and is going to have a lot of pieces that go into its construction. If you’re not the handyman you want to be, you may be forced to bring someone in to assist you in the build.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

This is a fine playset, the best of the lot, but it’s good to know the size and how much yard you’re willing to give up before you make the investment. As the most expensive it also would behoove you to seek outside investors, like your neighbours, to alleviate the full cost.

Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

The second set we chose to look at is also from Backyard Discovery. This one, however, is not nearly as substantial in size or price as their other offering. This is still a fine option though for those looking for something to keep the kids occupied on a fine summer day. It comes with some of the staples of a quality playset, like a slide, rock climbing wall, and swing set. It too, offers plenty of room for more than just your own kids to play which makes parties in the backyard an option for everyone.

What we also liked about this set is that for the price you’re still getting quite a few amenities for your kids. That and if you don’t have the largest yard you will still be able to get this one in and have a little grass left to show for it. It’s significantly lighter than the first option and shouldn’t require you to be Bob the Builder out there either. Like I said initially, a case of beer and a few friends should be able to get this guy up over the course of a day.

For the cost and ease of set up, this is a fine set for anyone looking to keep the kids entertained on those lovely summer days. Unless you’re willing to spend quite a bit to keep your kids smiling this backyard playset should be an excellent option.

Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Playset

The last set we wanted to discuss is this offering from the aptly named Swing-N-Slide. This set falls somewhere in between the first two in terms of cost as well as features. Like the other two, it comes with a slide, a swing set, and a kid-approved rock climbing wall. It doesn’t quite boast all of the features like a small clubhouse, or being made completely of cedar, but it doesn’t lag that far behind. It does have a small area at the top for playing as is made of premium lumber, but it’s not quite on the Cadillac level that the first set is.

With that said, however, it costs about 33% less and will be significantly easier to set up, like the second set. These things can mean a lot to people who may not have the budget to afford the Cadillac set (much like the vehicle). Like the second set, this one shouldn’t be terribly difficult to set up and comes with very detailed instructions for doing so. It’s closer in size to the second set as well so it won’t take up a tremendous amount of room should your yard not be an open range.

This set is a fine option, and again, it may be worth looking into sharing the cost with those who you know that would be interested in bringing their kids over for a while. It’s sturdy and safe and will end up being a ball for your kids.

Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Playset

In Closing…

We wanted to cover playsets because we feel it’s important to talk to more than just the crowd who’s got the time to indulge in all the games we typically wax on about. Each one of these sets will offer something a little different and each comes in at a different price point that should cater to all markets. We hope you’re able to find something here that is to your liking.

When built properly these outdoor playsets are a great way to kill a beautiful summer day at home while keeping the kids entertained. Summer is well on its way so make sure you jump on these before the sun fades and you’re out of luck.


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