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Franklin Sports Washers Game Set

Pitching washers is a backyard game that we have long been fond of. It’s most similar to cornhole, or beanbag toss, but significantly more difficult. Washer toss involves throwing washers, which are thin plates with holes in the middle used to distribute the weight for screws or nuts, into a hole on a board at a predetermined distance. What makes washer toss more difficult than cornhole, in our opinion at least, is that trying to control the distance and line of a small washer is much harder than that of a bean bag.

There are a lot of ways to pitch washers, and creating your own set isn’t terribly difficult, but for today’s purposes we’re gonna look at our favourite sets online. There are a number of fine sets online that cater to different skill sets. We thought it best to take a look at a three sets that each offer something slightly different than the last; try to cast a wider net. We hope that there is something here for everyone, and as always we’re trying to provide options for a game that everyone can participate in regardless of age and skill set. We feel that washer toss is fun for everyone and doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to be able to play. Enjoy the sets that we have chosen as our favourites:

GoSports Premium Birch Wood Washer Toss Game

What we appreciated about this first set from GoSports is the attention to detail and the craftsmanship. For starters, this is a regulation sized set for those who prefer to play as close to tournament rules as possible, and the set does come with the two targets and eight washers. Second, we quite like the birchwood detailing as it certainly makes the set look handsome.

Not only does the set look quite fetching but it folds up and can be transported to wherever the party is. What can also get overlooked is that by coming in such a convenient carrying case the set can be stashed away during the cooler months leaving space in your home for more immediate necessities.

This set from GoSports is a fine model for anyone who appreciates something a little finer and is looking for a true washer toss experience.

GoSports Premium Birch Wood Washer Toss Game

Triumph Sports USA Tournament Washer Toss

The second set we chose to look at was this model from Triumph Sports. What we liked about this set is that it’s built for the outdoors. While this may seem obvious, not every set is built to these exacting standards. The sturdy wood is sealed with laminate on the exterior to protect not only from the elements but from scuffs and scratches as well.

Like the set from GoSports, this one is built to tournament standards, as well as having been built into a compact carrying case. This is the perfect set for those who get around to various social events in the warmer months and are looking for a fun game to soak up their time.

It comes with all the necessary pieces for fun, so if you’re a summer social butterfly this is the set for you.

Triumph Sports USA Tournament Washer Toss

The final set we chose to look at is this one from Franklin Sports. Where it differs from the previous two is that it’s more child-friendly with the targets being collapsible. While the aesthetics may not quite be there like the previous two sets this one is perfectly built for taking a beating from anyone in your family. It’s a great way to get the kids outside for a couple hours.

Moreover, this set folds up and is quite compact by comparison. It’s adult appropriate as well as it is easy to set up and can be taken anywhere. It’s always great to have something to play with your friends while having a few drinks, but we recognize that a lot of time is spent with families during BBQs and picnics and this crowd needs options as well.

This set is for those of you in the latter group who want something to help pass the time while being able to involve everyone. Enjoy this set and enjoy your family while you can.

Franklin Sports Washers Game Set
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