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The Best Beersbee Sets Reviewed

Best Beersbee Sets Reviewed

Here is our top beersbee set pick…Polish Horseshoes (Beersbee) SetA bit on the heavy side, guarantees long term durability for hours of fun, read Amazon reviews here… So you’ve been in the backyard a lot andx you’re thinking it might be time to switch things up form your usual routine of bocce ball or ladder […]

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Best Ladder Ball Sets (2018 Reviews)

kelsyus Premium Ladder Ball Game

Our top recommendation for the best ladder ball set (has over 750 Amazon reviews, check it out…)GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 BolosThis is the #1 selling ladder toss on Amazon in 2018. There are few things we enjoy more than a fine game of summer ladder ball.Getting outdoors with your pals, throwing the […]

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DIY Horseshoe Pit Construction and Dimensions

Best Portable Horseshoe Set

Here is’s top choice for best horseshoe set on the market, check it outSt. Pierre American Professional Horseshoes Set​A classic set promising lots of fun on your backyard, ​250+ reviews on Amazon… So you’ve been thinking for a while that you want a horseshoe pit in your yard. Excellent idea, amigo. Seems pretty simple, […]

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Best Horseshoe Set

Professional Horseshoe Set

Horseshoes is a fine summer game, one to be enjoyed by everyone. We recently spoke about how to set up a court in your yard, including the dimensions of an official court as well as the materials needed. And that brings us to today’s topic: choosing the best horseshoe set. Everyone needs something a little different, […]

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Kubb set dimensions and rules

If you’ve never heard of the game Kubb, it’s a forgivable offence. It’s not quite as popular as other backyard favourites like Cornhole or Spikeball, nor does it require the consumption of adult beverages like beersby or beer pong. Kubb is a game from a different era, one that has a unique set of rules […]

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Paddle Ball Game Rules and Review

Sun Bum Sun Bum Paddleball

Paddle ball is another great game to play when you’re outside enjoying the sun, and no, we’re not talking about the paddle ball where the ball is attached to the racquet itself. Paddle ball is a lot like badminton but is better suited for the outdoors as the wind will never be a contributing factor. […]

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Glow In The Dark Bocce Ball

Water Sports Lighted Bocce Set

Bocce ball is a fantastic game and anyone who says otherwise is completely kidding themselves. I have found myself in the situation, however, where the day gets drawn out and the sun wanes before a bocce champion has been named (for the forth or fifth time, of course). Now this is an unpleasant reality to […]

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Best Washer Toss Sets

Franklin Sports Washers Game Set

Pitching washers is a backyard game that we have long been fond of. It’s most similar to cornhole, or beanbag toss, but significantly more difficult. Washer toss involves throwing washers, which are thin plates with holes in the middle used to distribute the weight for screws or nuts, into a hole on a board at […]

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