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best beer pong tables

When it comes to buying a cheap beer pong table, you may not know where to start. Sure, you could go to your local party store and probably pick one up for $20 – but most of the time that low price tag will also come withlow quality product.

Even when you are on a budget you want to buy a product that you are confident in. You want something that will work well for what you need and can withstand the test of time. Not everyone that wants to play beer pong can afford to spend upwards of $100 or much more – so we made this buying guide just for you.

Finding a Cheap Beer Pong Table

If you want a beer pong table that will last for a long time to come – even if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you may want to spend a little bit more for the better quality. Think about how disappointed you would be if that $20 table didn’t even make it past the first night or two of partying?

Many of the regulation and official beer pong tables can cost $100 or even more when you are looking for great quality; but that doesn’t mean you are limited to buying a cheaply built table. These tables are often going to offer few extras or a unique graphic design or built in cup holders for your rack – but a basic table can be found at a decent price under $100 and still offer great quality.

Here we’ve taken a look at three different cheap beer pong tables – under $100. Starting from the low end of the price range and working our way up each of these tables offer a durable table that will last for many nights of beer pong fun.

Best Choice Products: 8’ Portable Beer Pong Table

Being the least expensive table on this list, there are not a bunch of bells and whistles with this one. On the bright side, it is regulation size which means you can play a professional game of beer pong at any party or get together you may find yourself it.

If you are worried about aesthetics, the table does offer a unique graphic design on the table top surface. The surface is covered in a melamine coating that makes it easy to clean up when cups inevitably spill.

Best Choice Products® 8' Portable Beer Pong Table

The table may seem as though it is flimsy when you are trying to set it up, but for the price it is made of greataluminum materials that will withstand even a rough game of beer pong. It also features a raised edge around the table to help keep beer from spilling on the floor.

GoPong: 8’ Portable Beer Pong Table

Again, this table is very basic and only a little more expensive than the last. The only extra that comes with this table is six pong balls to get you started – which is not a big advantage, but it is a nice bonus. The table is regulationtournament size and weighs around 25lbs which is not much considering the durable materials used.

The table is nothing fancy as far as visuals go; there are no fancy graphics, but it does offer a place designated for your rack of cups and additional designated spots for cups depending on the way you are playing. This table is excellent for anyone looking for an official size (8’ X 2’ X 27.5”).

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong

It folds up into a neat 2’ X 2’ square with carrying handles for quick storage and easy transport. You can take this table just about anywhere, to your friends, tailgating, camping or anywhere in between. The price is right for this table, especially since the company has great reviews all around.

Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table

Similar to the previous table, the Red Cup Pong table is nothing fancy when it comes to looks, but they have several variations of the table available with different graphic designs in top quality. The table tops are waterproof to keep the graphics looking nice and offer easy and quick clean up without fear of ruining the table.

Included with this table are a few extras that make it worth the price – for example a bottle opener and ball rack attached to the table. You will always be able to refill the cups with ease thanks to the bottle opener and extra balls will be quickly at your disposal. The ball rack is only a piece of foam attached to the table, but it is effective nonetheless.

Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table

Along with these extra features you will also find that the table is regulation size and folds up into a neat square briefcase with handles for storage and transportation. Since it’s portable, you can practically take it with you any where. If you have a little extra to spend, but don’t want to go all-out, then this would be the perfect table for you.

When it comes down to purchasing a table, each of these three are highly recommended and should allow you to start enjoying your beer pong games right away. If you wanted a great table, but did not want to spend a fortune then these tables should fit the bill perfectly.


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