Cool Beer Pong Tables

Cool Beer Pong Tables

Since Beer Pong has become one of the most popular drinking games around it is no wonder that finding a cool beer pong table is getting more and more difficult. Someone always has a cooler design than the last guy and everyone wants to have the best – right?

There are so many different things that go into picking out a good beer pong table – it’s not always a great graphic design that will make or break a table. After all, what good is that sleek design if the table legs break after the first few uses? Or what if the design actually starts to peel off the table or become damaged from spills?

These are all things that need to be considered when investing in a good beer pong table. Along with that there are so many different styles of tables nowadays that you might have a different taste than your friends all together.

So in order to help you make a decision we’re comparing three cool beer pong tables off of Amazon – ranked lowest in price to highest – to help you get a better idea of the options you have to choose from. Who knows, maybe one of these three will pop out at you and say “Hey, this is what you’ve been looking for!”

Cool Beer Pong Tables

GoPong Pool Party Barge

This is really a neat concept and when it comes to a cool beer pong table how much cooler can you get than one that floats? This is the perfect addition to any summer and any pool party. It would work just as well in a lake or pond as it will in a pool – though the ocean with its waves may complicate things a bit it is likely still very doable on a calm day!

If you’re going to be choosing an inflatable beer pong table then this is definitely a cool floating beer pong table and probably the best choice of them all. Not only does it offer a unique design and multiple cup holders (the racks plus additional holders around the edge for other party-goers to keep their drinks nearby in the pool), but it even offers a built-in cooler!

GoPong Pool Party Barge

That build in cooler can easily hold up to 18 beers and ice – and it can keep cold for hours! What would be better than having your next beer already waiting for you in the pool? It can also be used on top of any surface or table for out-of-water play time in the event of a storm forcing you out of the water.

Party Pong Table

This beer pong table happens to be regulation size, which is perfect for anyone who likes to play by official tournament rules. (Face it, we all have that friend who is a stickler for the rules!) It folds up easily into a square carry case, which is perfect both for storage and for transport, making it a great choice if you don’t often throw parties but you attend plenty.

One of the things that sets this portable beer pong table apart is the fact that you have the option to customize it a little further than the table top. With options like a Bluetooth speaker capable of playing music off your phone, computer or tablet, right from the table to glowing lights and pre-drilled cup holes for the rack – you really can order just the right table for you.

8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table

For an average price you will be getting a high quality table with tons of great reviews. It has many different customization options that set it apart from most tables in this price range and it is perfect for the average pong player. It will fit easily in any home, apartment or even college dorm – you won’t find a better deal when it comes to finding a cool beer pong table.

Versapong Portable

While this one is not necessarily a beer pong table, it is still very convenient and very portable. If you are looking for a way to play beer pong in a small space like a studio apartment or a dorm room, then this could be the solution you’ve needed. Since it is two separate pieces and not a whole table it takes up a lot less space and is much smaller and easier to transport in the included carrying case.

You will find that the game play is slightly different with this as there will be little to no bouncing of the ball in any direction due to the format. However once you get used to it this is still a great game of beer pong that will keep people entertained for hours. It is especially perfect for bringing to events like tailgating and beach BBQs.

Versapong Portable

If you are in need of a cost effective option that doesn’t include cheaply made fold-up tables then this might be the perfect solution. It is not nearly as expensive as a traditional beer pong table, and you will get just as much enjoyment out of it! However if you truly have your heart set on playing a game of regulation beer pong then this set unfortunately won’t do.

No matter what your style, where you love to play beer pong or how much you have to spend – there is definitely a beer pong table out there that is right for you. These three cover the most common styles and price ranges when it comes to buying a quality beer pong table – and they are some of the highest rated in their respective styles. With one of these cool beer pong tables you really can’t go wrong.


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