Cool Beer Pong Tables

cool beer pong tables

Picking out a cool beer pong table really is a challenge – the days of playing on your friends’ kitchen table are over and you’ve decided you need a real beer pong table, but where should you start looking? Sure you can find cheap options in party stores all over the place – but have you ever stopped to wonder why there is such big price gap?

The truth is, this often comes down to quality of the table you are purchasing, the features that the table offers and how big the table itself is. There are lots of factors that can jack up the price of a beer pong table pretty quick, so it is good to decide ahead of time what your budget is – that way you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Choosing Cool Beer Pong Tables

When you want to pick out a beer pong table that all your friends’ will remember, then you need to look for a few different things. First off, is the table aesthetically pleasing? Maybe you wanna play outside? Basically, do you like the look and feel of the table? Does it offer a neat graphic design on the table top? Does it have awesome LED lights? Does it have cup holes to keep your table clean and game play fair?

The next thing you will want to work on is making sure that you have a durable table. Some tables are very inexpensive for a reason – they are made of shoddy materials that will not withstand the test of time. When making a purchase like this you want to know that your table will last you many nights of game play without fear that the table will breakdown.

We’ve taken a look at a few different tables here today. Each table has something that makes it unique compared to other beer pong tables out there and they will definitely leave you with a night to remember!

8’ Professional Beer Pong Table

This table definitely falls under the category of unique. Along with the fact that it is a regulation size table (which is something you should make sure of with any table you buy), it also has a few different optional features that can make your table cooler than any of the ones your friends have.

One of the most unique features about this table would have to be the optional speaker. There are not many beer pong tables with a built in speaker that can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device to play music. What a better way to keep your party going than to offer some great tunes along with your game play?

8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table

If you want to customize this table even further, then you should consider adding the LED lights around the edge of the table. They will offer a new way to play beer pong late into the night, even when you don’t want the lights on anymore you can keep the game going!

GLOWPONG Glowing Game Table

Again, this table is regulation size, which is perfect for game play anywhere with anyone. If you have that one friend that is a stickler for the rules (you know who you are!) then this table offers professional game play with a unique gameplay feel that just isn’t offered anywhere else. The official sized table folds up neatly into a small and lightweight 2’ X 2’ square for easy transportation and storage.

The table has LED glow lights around the edges of the table, but unlike the last table, these lights are designed to offer a VS feel. With one half of the table surrounded by a blue LED light and the other half a green shade it makes for an interesting game of Green VS Blue. The lights can stay one solid colour or they can blink either slow or fast depending on your preference.

GLOWPONG Glowing Game Table

If you want the full experience, however, you will need to separately purchase the GLOWPONG Glowing Game Set. This set includes a total of 24 glowing cups (12 Green and 12 Blue), which leaves the perfect number for each rack, a rinse cup for each side and an extra just in case. The set also comes with a set of 4 glowing pong balls and a kit to recharge the balls.

GoPong Pool Party Barge

This table is a little bit different than the others and actually, it is not quite regulation size – but your friends are unlikely to care when they see this creative invention! Inflatable beer pong tables are one of the hottest new items when it comes to new ways to experience beer pong fun.

The table is like any other inflatable raft, except it is set up with cup holders for your beer pong rack along with additional cup holders for your guests who are not playing. One of the most unique features about this particular inflatable pong table is the fact that it has a built in cooler that will help you keep your beer cold and easily accessible for refilling playing cups!

GoPong Pool Party Barge

If you have never played beer pong in the pool then you are sure to love it – and so will your guests (or someone else’s for that matter). If you show up with this table at any party the guests are sure to be thrilled and ready to play as soon as it’s inflated. The table is easily stored and transported when deflated too, which makes it super easy to take to any party.

In the end, each of these tables have something that make them unique and they each offer a great new way for you to enjoy a game of beer pong. If you’ve been looking for the next best thing in the world of beer pong then you have definitely found it here!


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