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There are plenty of surfaces you can use to play beer pong, and most of us at a certain age have probably played on any number of them. A kitchen table, a ping pong table, a dining room table, the ground; all of these surfaces have been put into play at least once over the years. Some true enthusiasts prefer to take things one step further and create their own table, though. While this may not be for everyone, it can be a fun way to kill an afternoon weekend and follow that up with a few rousing games of beer pong (as always, you don’t have to use beer. Should you not be a drinker and want to partake I’m sure your friends will allow water in certain cups.)

Beer Pong

There’s a few ways to go about this, and they’re largely dependent on how much you feel like spending. You can actually go out and pay someone to make you a table as elaborate as you can possibly dream it. This is probably better left to the weekend warriors who haven’t quite given up the dream of playing beer pong with their buddies every weekend until they die. For those of us with lighter wallets there are many ways in which you can build your own table for a small amount of money.

We’ll run through a few of the ways you can make your own custom beer pong table and the necessities required for how to build a beer pong table. At the end of the day, this is something you’re going to use at parties and on weekends to speed up the effect alcohol has on your system, so there’s no need to take things too seriously.

Have some fun with it and throw on a few personal touches like solo cup dispensers or measured lines for where the cups need to be places (this is an absolute must in my mind.) A trip to the hardware store for the materials should be sufficient for your needs, assuming you already have a good haul of solo cups. Don’t hesitate to give it a little colour too; you’ll want your beer pong table to stand out among the rest.

With all of that said, let’s discuss a few different DIY beer pong table solutions. They’ll range from pretty flat to fairly elaborate. Decide on your budget and personal design touches first then go out and grab what materials you’ll need. This should take you too long so long as you don’t get into the beers too early. Here are our suggestions on how to make your own custom beer pong table.

The Classic

This is one we all know and love. Find an old ping pong table, remove the net, and you have yourself a beer pong table. There’s no need to get lazy and stop there, however. Add your own personal touch and give that table some flair. I’m talking about some wild spray paint and maybe some glitter if you really want to go for it. I’m a fairly big proponent of drawing out the lines for where the cups should go as well. Don’t leave anything to chance. That and it will save you a tremendous amount of time as you will probably be arguing about cup placement at some stage of the game.

It’s usually not that hard to find a second-hand ping pong table on after market sites like Ebay or Kijiji. People are always looking to get rid of them and you can get one for a song if you look hard enough. Another good option is looking at garage or estate sales. The ping pong table is the easiest and most traditional way to go about setting up your own table. Make sure you don’t skimp on design either, as making the table your own is as important as having it.

DIY Beer Pong Tables

If you plan on starting from scratch, there are a lot of ways to go about it. The simplest is to go to your local hardware store buy some plywood and some 2x4s, slap the plywood on top of the 2x4s and Bob’s your uncle. This is a simple way to go about things if you are on a limited budget with a limited skill set and limited tools. Sometimes you have to make due the simplest way possible; I get that. Once again, if this is the case, we advocate for adding your personal design touches. Remember: the tackier the table looks the closer you are to achieving beer pong table greatness. I’ve seen a lot of tables out there styled like basketball courts or soccer fields and this isn’t the look I think you should be going for. If you’re looking for a particular motif to settle on, my suggestion is ‘70s roller disco. Think bright colours, strobe lights, and funky music as inspiration for your table.

This is a great resource to find ideas for your next table idea. You can build a table out of any material, really. Find something that best suits your budget. If you plan on using it quite a bit than you may want to go for something that’s a little stronger than plywood too; just a suggestion.

Properly Made

Since I’m not a very handy person myself, the bush-league version I just spoke about makes a lot more sense to me than creating something with power tools that I cannot use. If, unlike me, you have a few skills that will translate into creating a better table, perhaps one that even (gasp!) folds up and isn’t totally obtrusive, than that’s what you should be doing.

If you have access to a few basic power tools you can make a solid version of a folding table for less money than a new or used (in all likelihood) ping pong table is going to cost you. Again, this can be a fun way to spend an afternoon if you have the skills and the basic understanding. This video here does a nice job of showing you how to create your own beer pong table that looks good, is properly made, and won’t be too difficult to pull off.

To Sum Up

Beer pong is supposed to be fun, so like I said, make sure you have fun in the creation and design of your table. This can be a great way to get your friends together and have an evening at home that won’t break the bank like going to a night club can. We also highly recommend taking the game outdoors should the weather permit. During the summer months, beer pong outside has basically become a national pastime (for Canada and America!). We are not advocates of wasting the few summer days we actually have sitting indoors, so get that table outside. (If you happen to weather-proof your beer pong table not only are you one step ahead of everyone else, you are a genius.)

Do your best to keep things responsible and light-hearted too. No one like someone who takes the game too seriously, nor does anyone like the person that gets way too drunk and ruins the fun for everyone else. It would behoove one to stick to beer in these situations as well. We’ve all witnessed people attempting to play with hard alcohol instead of beer and this yields predictable results. For the good of the table, your friends, and your social standing do everyone a favour and stick to something light and domestic. We’ve been around the block a few times, so take our word for it!


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