Folding Ping Pong Table

folding ping pong table

You need a lot of room for a ping pong table. It’s not a unit that will comfortably fit in most apartments or even in home. When fully outstretched, you need at least 12 feet to comfortable play a two-person game. And for storage? You need some serious space. I know many families and past customers who have dumped their ping pong table just because they didn’t have anywhere to store it that didn’t look terrible. For this reason, having a folding ping pong table is extremely important. You want a table with the flexibility to provide a few different storage options while still providing a high performance playing surface.

Most Tables are Folding Tables

You might be surprised to learn that the majority of tables these days do have the capability to fold. This wasn’t always the case as when ping pong table was originally becoming popular, the tabletops were one piece tops making storage and mobility difficult. As ping pong became increasingly popular, it wasn’t just sports clubs and rec-centers that owned them. The home model made its debut which was the first folding table tennis table of its kind. There are now outdoor ping pong options available too! Thanks to the innovative technologies introduced in the ‘home’ model, the game has exploded throughout North America becoming one of the most played game in the country.

What to Consider in a Folding Table Tennis Table

When considering a folding table, you are looking for performance and functionality. Let’s first look at performance standards. 

Some players will argue that it’s mandatory to play on a table with a full 25mm thickness on the table top. While a nice thick top is important, playing on table tops of 19mm makes pretty much an unnoticeable difference. Maybe if you’re on the pro circuit you can be finicky but I think for most readers out there, a 19mm table will be fine.


When considering functionality, I think one of the most important factors is how well the table folds. Does it require two people or one? Are there lots of moving parts or just a few? These are important components to consider when considering a folding ping pong table as it’s not a small investment, and you don’t want to be left with a broken table after just a year or two.


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