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Water Sports Lighted Bocce Set

Bocce ball is a fantastic game and anyone who says otherwise is completely kidding themselves. I have found myself in the situation, however, where the day gets drawn out and the sun wanes before a bocce champion has been named (for the forth or fifth time, of course). Now this is an unpleasant reality to be sure, and one I recently found out can be completely avoidable. With the advent of glow in the dark bocce ball all of our problems have been solved.

This is the perfect solution to a problem when you and some friends plan on spending the day indulging in adult beverages and bocce and you are stymied by the likes of mother nature. Adult fun aside, this is a great set for the kids to enjoy as well. Whether it be in your backyard or a local park these glow in the dark sets provide something from everyone to the partying late type to curious children; quite the intersection of folks, I know.

Each of the sets who chose to take a look at offer something a little different than their counterparts. There should be something here for everyone looking to not only enjoy a summer game of bocce, but one played when the sun goes down. The only advice I can offer you is to pick the set that suits you best and look out for those hazards when it’s dark!

Playaboule Patented V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set

The first set we chose to look at was this one from Playaboule. What initially appreciated about this set was that the balls offered two built-in settings for glow in the dark bocce ball- solid and flashing. This creates an extra bit of ambiance and fun when you’re playing outdoors. The balls also light up quite brightly so there’s never going to be any sort of safety concern or worry of lost balls.

The other we appreciated upon further inspection was this set’s adherence to quality and integrity. This is the only set on the market that lights up as well as fits the US Bocce Federation’s standard full ball size of 107 millimeters. This fits the bill for those looking to have a great time as well as play the game the way it was meant to be played. The throwing ball is also lit up and includes the batteries that are specific to its use.

Playaboule Patented V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Regarding the quality of the set, it is waterproof, sandproof, grit proof, and offers textured balls for improved grip. This set really does offer everything anyone would want out of a glow in the dark bocce ball set. Between the quality, well-lit balls, and potential for fun we think this is perhaps the best set we chose to look at. That and the set comes with a 90 day warranty to quell any fears regarding their quality.

Water Sports Lighted Bocce Set

This set from Water Sports is one we quite enjoyed as well. While this set may not quite be up to the standards as the one from Playaboule, it can still be enjoyed by everyone. This set comes with three sets of two balls as well as the throwing marker and batteries for all the balls are included with the set. All light up quite well in our experience and functioned over long periods of time.

The difference here is that this set isn’t quite up the official standards of the American Bocce Federation, but that shouldn’t deter you. This is a great set if you’re simply out to have a little fun with the family. It comes with a handy carrying case so you can bring it along to picnics and camping trips. It lends itself quite well to the family game in the backyard.

Water Sports Lighted Bocce Set

It’s the least expensive of the three sets we reviewed and will still provide you with the fun that bocce promises. If you’re not overly concerned with quality from your glow in the dark bocce set than this is definitely the one for you. It may not last as long as the other sets but it will still provide hours of fun should you remember to flick the “off” switch when you’re done playing.

Bocce Package - Glow in Dark Light up Set and 73mm Metal Petanque Set [Misc.]

The final set we chose to look at is another fine set. It’s the attention to detail with this set that we came to appreciate most. The set comes with four sets of balls as well as a wooden jack which, for the record, isn’t the best idea for a “glow in the dark” set to include. It often made the game difficult to play and, depending on how dark it got, made us call it quits. What we did like, however, was the measuring device the set came with to settle those disputes we all get in over whose ball was closest.

Save for that little bit, we felt this set was probably best suited for those looking to play bocce during the day whose games occasionally spill over into the evening. It didn’t quite perform to the standards we had hoped and the lack of a lit jack really hurt it. It’s a great set to use during the day but it felt abundantly clear that it was a day-time set that could occasionally be used during the evening. If you understand that going in you won’t be disappointed. If you happen to forget that little fact, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bocce Package - Glow in Dark Light up Set and 73mm Metal Petanque Set

While all of these sets provide something a little different than the last we felt as though the set from Playaboule provided the best bang for your buck. It adheres to professional standards as well as provide an excellent option for night time playing, which is kind of the point here, isn’t it?

With all of that in mind, choose the set that best suits your budget and needs. Bocce is a great game and we’re very happy that there are now sets that allow us to play into the wee hours of the night. Perhaps we don’t need another excuse to stay up late and drink a few cocktails, but if the internet provides us with one we’re certainly not going to complain!

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