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GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game

We’ve obviously covered a lot of different lawn games on this site, and sometimes it’s hard to know what works best for you and yours. With that in mind, we wanted to discuss what we consider to be our three favourite lawn games and why we love them so much. First of all, the things we appreciate most about a backyard game is that they’re a) inclusive, as we want everyone to be involved; b) fun, because what’s the point of playing if it’s not a good time? And c) that they’re easy to set up and take them to wherever the party may be. Often games can be cumbersome in terms of setting them up and getting people to participate. We chose these three games as our favourites because they’re simple to understand and don’t take a whole lot of ingenuity to set up. If something takes too long people often lose interest and find something else to do. We like quick, easy, and fun, and don’t think those three tenets are too difficult to achieve. So with all of that said, here are our three favourite outdoor games and ones we think everyone should be playing.

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Rubber Horseshoe Set for Kids
We spoke about the Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set quite recently but thought it was necessary to do so again. Horseshoes is a very simple game, and certainly one that almost everyone is capable of playing. What we like here is that this set is composed of rubber, which keeps things a lot safer. As we all know, kids tend to get a little rambunctious at times so having a set made of rubber, not a heavy metal, will keep them safe as well as your belongings and windows. On top of that, throwing ‘shoes is a simple way to get a lot of people involved in a simple and fun game. Like we said, inclusiveness is important to us and we feel as though this horseshoe set some Champion Sports delivers exactly that.


GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game (includes carrying case)

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss GameLadder ball is another game we have covered in-depth here as well. Ladder game is a lot of fun, is easy to set up in the yard, and doesn’t take too much skill or knowledge to enjoy. It’s fairly simple: get the balls to wrap around the rungs on the ladder. What we appreciate about this set from GoSports is that it is built from quality materials and includes a carrying case. This is a great game for kids and adults and the fact that it’s built from PVC pipe lends it a good amount of durability. This set is also extremely easy to set up as it’s merely connecting the pieces of pipe to the corresponding openings. Again, this will keep people interested in the game and ensure all those in attendance will have a good time.  

Trademark Global Bocce Ball Set with Carrying

Trademark Global Bocce Ball Set with Carrying CaseLastly, we wanted to be sure we discussed Bocce Ball, specifically, this set from Trademark Global. Bocce Ball is definitely what we consider to be a classic game and it’s always been a blast to play. This set is simple and comes with a carrying case (which is extremely necessary for Bocce Ball). What makes Bocce so great is that you can get a number of people involved in playing and ensure that everyone is having a great time. Bocce covers our core tenets for what makes a great backyard game as well, by being inclusive, being fun, and being easy to set up and play


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