The Best Set of Rubber Horseshoes

As we touched on briefly in a recent post, rubber shoes serve a very practical purpose within the world of horseshoes: they’re safe and fun for everyone.

While they may not serve the purist and the competitive player, rubber horseshoes are a great alternative for those looking to play recreationally and involve everyone around in a fun game.

Kids can get a little rambunctious from time to time so having a set that won’t hurt anyone or blow through any windows makes sense for a lot of people.

We chose to look at sets that we felt covered off these bases and provided a simple and easy solution to having a fun time. All three of these sets provide fun and indoor and outdoor options.

We chose to look at rubber because we wanted a set that was safe for families and houses. While a professional set can be a ball, those ‘shoes can often get thrown in directions we never thought possible. With that in mind, here are what we have deemed to be the best rubber horseshoe sets.

The Cheapest Set of Rubber Horseshoes

We recently spoke about this rubber horseshoe set from Champion sports and thought we would revisit it. This is a great set for all ages and, really, gives you all that you’re ever going to need from a rubber set.

We appreciate its simplicity and have look at products from Champion Sports before and have always been impressed with their quality and dedication to fun. All three of the sets we chose to look at are great and fill the exact functions we’re looking for. Family games are perhaps the most enjoyable, especially those that are safe and inclusive.

Rubber Horseshoe Set for Kids

This set from Crown Sporting Goods, much like the one from Trademark innovations is a great set for the whole family.

It’s built to the same standards and provides the same options regarding indoor and outdoor play. This is another great option for the kids who maybe can’t make it outdoors and the families that are looking for a fun way to spend their afternoons and weekends.

Indoor & Outdoor Horseshoe Set: Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Indoor and Outdoor Horseshoe Game Set

We really like this set from Trademark Innovations because it’s been created to be practical both in and outdoors.

The set is portable and comes with all the necessary pieces to enjoy a game of ‘shoes.

What makes it really practical is that it comes with mats and stakes for indoor play, as well as heavier duty stakes for playing outdoors.

We think it’s a great set for those with kids who enjoy playing horseshoes but perhaps don’t have an outdoor space readily available for them. If you do, it works just as well outside for adults looking to have a little fun on a warm evening.

Complete Outdoor Horseshoe Set with Horse Shoes and Targets - By Trademark Innovations
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