The Rules of Beersbee

The Rules of Beersbee

Backyard games are always a ball, but inevitably, there is confusion about the rules. Often this ends in a heated debate between friends about what constitutes a legal “score.”

While I don’t mind a good debate, I prefer to enjoy these games and debate the merits of capitalism post-game. And having been on the winning and losing end of these arguments many times, I find it best to determine the rules before the game commences to avoid potential tears and bloodshed.

Beersbee may seem like a simple game (it is), but know that there are always predators out there looking to exploit the rules. These people must be stopped, and the best way to do that is to lay out the rules flatly, leaving no room for interpretation.

So with that in mind, we want to lay out the rules for Beersbee with a nod to the classic setup, and a few of our own mixed in. We also feel obligated to lay out the rules for the drinking that may or may not take place during game play. It’s important everyone is on a level playing field and consumption of drinks is an area of particular concern. Here they are, the rules of Beersbee:

Standard Beersbee Rules

  • The objective of the game is to knock the can or bottle that sits atop a pole to the ground-this can be achieved by hitting either the pole or can
  • Set the poles 10-15 paces apart for the first game and adjust accordingly in subsequent games
  • Should the can drop to the ground the team that knocked it off receives a point. A word to the wise here: unless you're all quite adept at throwing the disc accurately, keep the target low. The game can go on forever and lose its luster if the score is unnatainable
  • The point can be saved, however, if the team whose can was knocked off catches said can before it hits the ground
  • You cannot interfere with the disc before it reaches the pole. Should it sail past the pole do your best to catch it
  • If the disc fails to make it to the pole, you can throw from the spot where it landed, should it be advantageous
  • You cannot step in front of the pole to catch the disc even if it is going awry. I promise you that this will lead to numerous arguments by those with a week compass, literal and moral
  • One cannot throw the disc twice in a row, and when exchanging it after a catch if you were the most recent thrower, the disc must be tossed, not handed over

Beersbee Drinking Rules:

  • You are allowed to catch the disc with one hand only. This is due to the fact that your other hand must be occupied by your libation of choice (I recommend light beer as these games tend to take longer than you expect)
  • A swig must be taken by the entire team when a disc is not caught after it's been thrown by the opposition
  • A drink must be taken when the opposing team knocks your can off of your pole; two drinks if you fail to catch the disc as well
  • The losing team must chug their beverages at the end of the game, no questions asked (if you poured a stiff cocktail, well my friend, you only have yourself to blame)
  • Intermittently sip your beverage during game play to establish and maintain a baseline BAL, this is of utmost importance

Final Notes on the Rules of Beersbee

There you have it, the important rules that govern the sacred game of Beersbee. It’s important to tailor the rules to your specific group and skill level.

Make the games short enough that they’re enjoyable and everyone has the chance to participate. Finally, don’t take it too seriously. The title of the game contains the word “beer,” and thus, is meant to be fun. No one likes the guy or gal willing to come to blow over a minor violation in a game whose primary goal is to get you drunk. So have some fun, maintain that baseline, and get out there and go!

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