Best Croquet Set [ 2019 Reviews & Guide ]

GoSports Premium Croquet Set - Full Size for Adults & Kids

Invented in the eleventh century in France and borrowed by the Brits in the twelfth century, croquet is one of the oldest lawn games in the world. 

It has class, elegance, and it’s fairly easy to play. So, why don’t you upscale your backyard game collection with the best croquet set? If you don’t know which to pick, check out our selection below. 

Our Top 5 List for Croquet Sets in 2019

GoSports Premium Croquet Set - Full Size for Adults & Kids

GoSports knew just how to add a contemporary twist to a centenary game, making its croquet set one of the most acclaimed on the market. 

This complete set comes with all needed to play straight out of the box, including six mallets and colored balls, 9 wickets, and two end posts. Comprehensive game rules are also included for first-time players, making this set for six an excellent all-rounder. 

Available in Standard and Deluxe variants, it’s perfect for both adults and kids. With a minimal price difference between them, we’d recommend the latter. 

Indeed, the Deluxe version boasts premium hardwood mallets with 35-inch handles wrapped in comfort grip. They are fairly lightweight, balanced, and easy to control. A modern finish throughout makes this classic set look like any modern backyard game. 

The game comes stylishly packed in a convenient carrying case, so you can enjoy croquet either at home or on the go. 

Like all GoSports games, this six-player croquet set is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and benefits from after-sale customer support and a satisfaction guarantee. 

All these features and an attractive price tag make it the best croquet set for the money.

GoSports Premium Croquet Set - Full Size for Adults & Kids

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