Best Giant Connect 4 Game [ 2022 Reviews ]

Giant Connect 4 is the backyard version of the popular two-player tabletop game with the same name. It is ideal for children 3 years and above, but adults can also have their share of fun during the next garden party. 

In this article, we review the best giant Connect 4 games, so you can pick one that lives up to expectations if you enjoy life size backyard games like giant Jenga.

Giant Connect 4 Reviews

1. GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game

GoSports 3 foot Width Giant 4 in a Row Game with Carrying Case, Made from Wood

It is often hard to pick the best set in backyard games, but when it comes to giant Connect 4, this wooden Four-in-a-Row by GoSports is one of the best you can get your hands on.

GoSports is one of the most popular manufacturers of lawn games that are well constructed and durable. Oversized, this game stands 32 inches tall and is 3 feet wide. It’s perfect to set up both indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy it in all weather and seasons.

Ideal for two players, it comes with 42 hard plastic coins, 21 red and 21 blue. We truly like that the manufacturer also sells plastic coins in a wide range of colors, a thing that allows you to customize the game for three or more players.

The game board is made from premium wood; you can pick from a classic white or dark finish, and the only downside is the choice of a softer material that’s quite easy to split or damage if you don’t pay attention.

A robust carrying case adds value for money and makes this giant Connect 4 your trustworthy ally for camping or tailgating.

Like most GoSports games (like the ever popular horseshoes sets or kubb games sets), this one is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and comes with free game replacement if your product is delivered damaged. Great to take out at a birthday, wedding, or family game night, this giant Connect 4 brings jumbo outdoor fun to your backyard.

2. Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row

Giant 4 Connect in a Row with Carrying Case and Stained and Finished Legs and Frame

Another jumbo version of the classic tabletop Connect 4 game that deserves your attention is this one from the Yard Games. It’s made from premium wood, a material that guarantees durability when kept outdoors for a longer time.

Measuring approximately 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall, it’s ideal to use both indoors and in the garden. Beautifully finished legs and bottom bar ensure stability on most terrains and make it a perfect addition to any gathering.

Easily transportable and equally easy to set up, the game comes with a convenient carrying case with zipper closure and extra pockets for game pieces and accessories.

Like most Connect 4 games, this one comes with 42 solid plastic coins and is ideal for two players or two teams.

The company doesn’t sell chips of other colors, but we like that this game comes relatively cheap. Beautifully crafted and robust enough to make for a perfect gift, this giant Connect 4 is ideal for parties, group events, and family gatherings.

3. Rally and Roar Giant 4 in A Row

Rally and Roar Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row, Complete Game Set with 42 Chips and Carry Bag, 3ft Wide

The next game on our list of giant Connect 4 comes from Rally and Roar, a company renowned for its high-quality wooden toys. Ideal for ages 3 years to adult, this game comes in various sizes, and it’s great to play in the backyard or indoors.

To make a fair comparison between this product and our other picks, we chose to review the mid-size version. It stands three feet tall, but it’s also available in 2-foot and 4-foot variants. We also like the choice of board finishes that let you pick from classic white or natural.

This mid-size version is slightly larger than the average giant Connect 4 games and is perfect for older kids and adults. The smaller version comes at a price that won’t break the bank and brings life-sized fun to children of all ages.

Attention to detail and perfectly smooth chips ensure easy sliding, while the convenient bottom bar ensures easy removal. We also love the chips color choice, which replaces classic red with bright orange.

Perhaps you won’t like this minor change if you’re a traditionalist. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind a brighter color and want a wallet-friendly game, this giant Connect 4 is undoubtedly a great choice.

4. Giantville Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game

Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game – 4 Feet Wide by 3.5 Feet Tall Oversized Floor Activity for Kids and Adults –...

While wood is often the go-to material for backyard games, plastic comes cheaper; that’s why Giantville proposes this jumbo 4-in-a-row game at a very competitive price. It could seem slightly more expensive at first glance, but it’s bigger than most other giant variants on the market.

Water resistant and durable, it impresses with an unusual yet attractive combination of colors.

We like the bright red board that replaces the classic white, while the chips come in yellow and green instead of blue and red. This twist makes the game rather unique, but that’s not the only outstanding feature.

We also like the onboard storage for the chips designed to prevent misplacement. Like the classic Connect 4, this giant version comes with 21 chips of each color and is ideal for two players or teams.

The only reason why we like this plastic game a little less is that the color will fade and the material might become brittle after prolonged exposure to elements. Nevertheless, Giantville used quality materials that will look like new for quite some time.

Designed to improve hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and test your brain skills, this colorful, oversized game can surely entertain players of all ages.

5. GoSports Giant Wooden 4 in a Row Game

GoSports 3 foot Width Giant 4 in a Row Game with Carrying Case, Made from Wood

Last entry on our list, this giant wooden 4-in-a-Row game by GoSports is very similar to our top pick but bigger. Indeed, it’s 4 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall, and it’s designed to be set up in seconds, either indoors or outdoors.

High-quality plastic coins slide easily in the wooden frame, for easier gameplay. Perfect for players of all ages, this jumbo backyard game is also easy to store and transport thanks to the convenient tote bag.

A nice detail is the included coin pouch that ensures neat storage for the chips. Signature bright white look also makes this game an attractive classic.

While it’s great to use outdoors, the game board must be stored indoors in a dry area to prevent adverse weather or humidity from damaging it.

Like most GoSports games, this extra-giant wooden 4-in-a-row game is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and is replaced for free in case you receive it damaged.

Giant Connect 4 Buying Guide & FAQ

How to Choose A Giant Connect 4 Game

The oversized version of the tabletop four-in-a-row, the giant Connect 4 is a backyard game designed for the outdoors. With this in mind, there are a few things you should check before buying.

  • Material: Jumbo-size four-in-a-row games are made from either wood or plastic. Wood is a popular option due to the aesthetic appeal of the material. However, you won’t be able to leave the game outside during the night or when it’s raining. Plastic is another popular option, often chosen due to the resistance of the material. Although the color may fade over time, plastic sets can be left outdoors throughout the season without worrying about sun or rain.
  • Size: The best way to choose the size of the game is by considering who’s going to play with it. If it’s kids, a board height of about 2 feet should suffice. Teens and adults could benefit more from a taller game that’s either 3 or 4 feet high.
  • Chips: Whether you go for wood or plastic boards, almost all Connect 4 games come with plastic chips. They slide easier in the slots and are also easier to remove, a characteristic that makes players prefer them over wood. However, some games come with simple, coin-like chips while others have a hole in the middle. The hole allows you to stack the chips on poles fixed to the board, but it also helps younger kids grab the chips easier. We recommend this style if you’re buying the game for preschoolers.
  • Balance: Giant Connect 4 games are usually played on lawns or campsites. For this reason, you should make sure the game you like is well balanced. All games that have made it to our list are suitable to install on most terrains, including dirt or sand.
  • Bottom bar: While taking the chips out of a tabletop Connect 4 is easy, things could be harder when you have to flip a large board. To make things easier, some boards come with removable bottom bars; when the game is over, remove the bar to let the chips fall out.

How to Play Connect 4?

Connect 4 is an educational game designed for toddlers and kids. Its purpose is to help players develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.

It consists of a board with six rows and seven columns, and 42 chips (or checkers on their true name), 21 of each color.

Each player chooses a color at the beginning of the game and stacks the checkers in a pile.

You can decide who starts the game either through coin flip or die toss.

The first player starts the game by dropping the first checker into any slot on the board.

When the first player has finished his turn, the second player drops his first checker; then the first player continues by dropping his second checker, and so on, until each player has finished all checkers or until someone wins the game.

The purpose of the game is to alternate turns until a player achieves four checkers in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

If the board fills up before a player scored four in a row, the game ends and is called a draw.

Connect Four Variations

While the traditional four-in-a-row has simple rules, you can enhance game play by opting for one of the following options:

  • 5-in-a-row: It plays just like Connect four, but players have to achieve five chips in a row instead of four. Requiring more critical thinking and strategy, this game is ideal for teens and adults.
  • Pop 10: Ideal to play on giant backyard boards. In this game style, players take turns to place a disc of their own color into one of the bottom row slots. Each player must drop the disc into an empty slot, until the entire first row is completed, then move to the next row. When the board is full, the players start taking turns to remove discs of their own color from the bottom of the board. If the checker removed was part of a 4-in-a-row arrangement, the player can set the checker aside. If it isn’t, the disc must be dropped back into any free slot. The player who stacks aside 10 discs faster wins the game.
  • Pop out: This variant has the same Connect 4 purpose; during their turn, each player can decide to add a disc in any free slot or, if they have a disc of their own color on the bottom row, pop out a disc. By doing so, each disc in that column will fall one space, changing the possibilities to connect four.


A giant Connect 4 can take backyard fun to the next level and enhance your outdoor parties. Which is the best Connect 4, however, is down to you. Whether you’d like an elegant classic wooden board or a colorful plastic one, there are plenty of high-quality options to choose from.

Are you looking for a giant Connect 4 game for kids or for adults? What material do you like and which do you think is the right size for an outdoor Four-in-a-Row?

Leave a comment below; we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. And if you know someone else who’d love this article, please share it with your friends so that you can all find the right outdoor Connect 4 game.