Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables for Small Yards

two kids playing ping pong outdoors

Our “5” Top Choices for Outdoors Ping Pong Tables

To play the best ping pong game of your life in your backyard, you need the best outdoor ping pong tables. You also need a worthy paddle set. If the myriad of options out there confuses you, check out our top picks below:

1. JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table


Our favorite ping pong table is this one from JOOLA. We like it because it’s designed for the outdoors, so it’s perfect for the summer. It has tournament quality and comes with a 9 x 5 feet competition-grade board.

Excellent to place on your deck, playground, or backyard, this all-weather table can resist whatever that skies are throwing at it, be it hot sun or heavy rain. Its accessories are weather resistant too, and you can expect a matching weatherproof net.

Another thing we like is that it’s foldable and easy to store. The two halves rest on a powder-coated undercarriage, and it takes under 15 minutes to set it up and play.

Three-inch wheels on the undercarriage also make it easy to move; furthermore, leveling feet make this table suitable to use on all terrains. The JOOLA Outdoors also has automatic anti-tilting locks, and its blue tournament top is USATT approved.

2. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table


Sturdy, reliable, and perfect for your backyard, the STIGA XTR is another outdoor tennis table that can meet all your needs. This is one of the best ping pong tables for those who need a temporary arrangement because it’s easy to fold and ultra-compact to store.

It collapses in seconds and comes with self-opening legs that allow for a hassle-free installation. Needless to say that it’s built to last. It is specifically designed to withstand elements, so there is nothing to worry if you leave it outdoors for the entire summer.

The table is made of aluminum composite and respects table tennis regulations. The only thing we like a little less is that the blue color on the top is not as intense as we’d like it.

Regardless of the color though, this is undoubtedly a valid solution for your playground; almost ready to use straight out of the box, it comes almost fully assembled and addresses the needs of most ping pong enthusiasts.

3. JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table


The JOOLA NOVA is the best ping pong table you can get your hands on if you’re looking for professional quality. Made by the official table brand that produces tournament tables for the US Open and US Nationals, this one is fully USATT approved.

Like its brother above, this one comes with a competition-grade 9 x 5 feet regulation tabletop made from thick aluminum plastic composite.

The choice of materials gives all-weather and overall resistance, making the surface withstand chipping, warping, and scratches. This tabletop sits on a sturdy powder-coated undercarriage and is delivered with a matching waterproof net set.

Perfect for your backyard but also for tailgating or a playground, NOVA also has 6-inch off-road caster wheels and separate level-adjustable feet. It is compatible with most terrains so that you can set up a recreational tournament anywhere.

As you could expect, the table’s halves come with separate trolley systems that enhance mobility when you want to move them either alone or together. Like most JOOLA tables, this one has anti-tilting locks and also allows for solo playback mode.

4. NIBIRU Sport Ping Pong Paddle Set


What would ping pong be without the paddles? According to the official game rules, you could use any. If you want a set that stands out though, check out this one from NIBIRU Sport. Boasting premium quality, this ping pong racket set withstands indoor and outdoor playing.

They are crafted from wood and coated with rubber. This construction ensures improved speed control, spin, and speed.

A selection of 4 paddles, two of each color, also makes this set perfect for individual or team play.

Adding value to the set are also 8 ping pong balls, four white and four orange. They are made from durable ABS material and are ideal for all sorts of players, from amateurs to beginners and professionals. 

Backed up by a satisfaction guarantee and delivering outstanding quality, this paddle set is undoubtedly a great addition to your ping pong table.

5. T&R Sport Foldable Outdoor Table Tennis Table


Ping pong tables may come at a hefty price, but if you’re looking after a budget solution, this table from T&R Sport may suit all your needs. Like all the other tables on this list, it’s perfect for the outdoors; it’s waterproof and weather resistant.

It’s made from melamine resin, an aluminum composite that resists wear and tear wonderfully and that doesn’t suffer discoloration not even under Florida’s sun.

Another thing you’ll like is the quick and easy setup. The table comes 95% pre-assembled, and it takes less than 15 minutes to set it up. Individual halves also allow for individual warm-up or solo playback.

Due to its foldable trait, this table is also easy to move and store. Like you can imagine, it comes with separate 4-wheel trolley systems and sturdy leveling feet that make it suitable to use on all terrains.

The table is backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty and is specially engineered to resist for a really long time.

Features to Look for Before Buying an Outdoors Ping Pong Table

Regardless of your level of expertise in the game, there are a few things to consider before buying a table.

1. Ping Pong Table Size

The foremost important thing to check before buying is the size of the table, which should be 9 x 5 feet. Most manufacturers respect this regulation size, but lower-end models may be either smaller or bigger.

Besides the actual surface of the tabletop, you must also check the height. According to the game standards, it must be at least 2.5 feet. Once again, you could be able to find tables of different heights. A shorter one could be ideal for kids; however, if you aim to play by the rule, get a table that respects the official regulations.

2. Materials

The resistance of the table and its suitability to use outdoors is given by the materials employed in its construction.

Your best bet is aluminum composite, a blend of rust-resistant aluminum and resins developed to provide resistance to elements. The feet must also be made of aluminum and ideally powder-coated with anti-rust paint products.

3. Board Thickness

Another thing to check is the thickness of the board. Most professional players will argue that only 1-inch thick boards are worth investing in. The truth is that thinner boards can also satisfy the needs of a backyard player and come cheaper.

Regardless of your choice though, don’t get a board thinner than 0.75 inches, as it might not bounce the ball efficiently.

4. Table Structure

How the table is made is also important. Most tables come with a foldable structure consisting of two separate halves. Each half table comes with its own feet so that you can either install the whole table for traditional play or only half of it for individual training.

It is essential to check the feet of the table and ensure that they can be leveled. This is particularly important if you want to set up the table on an unpaved surface, such as on grass.

Portability is also essential, either at home or on the go. Get a table that comes with sturdy wheels, and that’s easy to transport.

5. Accessories

Not all ping pong tables come with a net, but you’ll need one nonetheless. If you aim to make your gameplay as hassle-free as possible, we suggest investing in a table that comes with a net. The best thing about this arrangement is that the net comes with clamps designed specifically for the table you’re buying.

Some manufacturers may also include paddle sets; this is a rare perk though, and we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re completely sure about the quality of the rackets. Because quality ping pong paddle sets are easy to find at excellent prices, we suggest buying them separately.

6. Type of Table

Last but not least, you should also consider the type of table you want to buy. The choices are between indoor and outdoor styles.

  • Indoor ping pong tables: These tables are made exclusively for indoor use, and while you could use them outdoors, know that elements may damage them. You can’t just leave the table outdoors and run to seek shelter if rain starts to pour, and they must be covered if left outdoors overnight. Overall, their resistance is not excellent unless you’re using them as intended.
  • Outdoor ping pong tables: As their name suggests, these tables are made for the outdoors; in terms of appearance they look the same as the indoor type, but they are weatherproof. You can leave them out without worrying about elements, and a quality table may even withstand harsh winters.

In Conclusion

Buying the best ping pong table is not rocket science, but there are a few things to weigh in if you want to play by the rule. Table size, durability, and even the accessories it comes with can have a positive or negative influence on the game.

Whether you’re a pro player or an amateur, you now know which are some of your best options so that you can enjoy this beautiful sport with family and friends.