Most people have indulged in a game of beer pong before, and for good reason. Beer pong is a great way to share a few laughs and have a few adult beverages operating under the guise of “competition.” People tend to like things like this, and beer pong is no exception to that wide-ranging law.

With that said, not everyone can indulge in a game of beer pong when they would like to for various reasons; perhaps they’re minors or maybe they don’t drink, rendering them to the sidelines, which is considerably less fun. Playing with water just isn’t the same either, so at an impasse is often where these things end up.

We recently stumbled across a quality compromise, though, that is sure to get everyone involved where guzzling beer isn’t a prerequisite to enjoyment. Bucket pong, as the name suggests, is a large-scale version of beer pong where a larger ball (think volleyball size, give or take) is thrown at larger buckets. The rules and regulations are the same as beer pong, and you’re allowed to have a beer in your hand if that’s what you want to do, but by no means is it a game where drinking is required.

The beauty of bucket pong is that it can be played anywhere there is space for it. Perhaps in the backyard, maybe on the beach, in a nice public park- the world is your oyster. Again, if you have some kids around who want to play in a fun game that will provide entertainment, you can do so without alcohol being a centerpiece. You can also get creative and find different ways to challenge yourself.

best bucket pong sets

We thought we would take a look at three different sets that each provide something a little different than the last. These three sets vary in size, so you can choose the one that works best for whatever niche you’re trying to fill.

Secondly, these are quality sets as well, so there won’t be any worry of them breaking down before you’re able to put them through the ringer. Finally, none of these are going to break the bank in any way. It’s a fun and simple game, one that shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get into.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at one of our new favourite summer backyard games. If you’re longing for the memories of games of beer pong past, this is a great way to create new ones with new people; beer included or not. Here are our three favourite sets and why we like them.

Best Bucket Pong Sets

BucketBall Game Set (12 Buckets, 2 Game Balls, Tote Bag and Instructions)

Bucket Ball Game set

The first bucket pong set we wanted to discuss is this model from BucketBall, an appropriately named organisation. All of these are fairly simple setups, and this one isn’t that different. What we do really like about it, though, is the fact that it’s so simple and easy to pack around.

This set features 12 buckets and two balls for play, as well as a carrying case for those times when you want to go mobile with the set. It’s a completely grab and go set, and these buckets are built so they’ll be able to stand and play on any surface.

This set is especially suited for the beach though, as you can settle the buckets into the sand and they’ll do quite nicely for many games. To touch on our earlier point, this is a set that anyone can play with and obviously with buckets this size, they don’t need to be filled with beer to have fun.

This is a great game for kids and adults and comes in at a very reasonable price. it’s not elaborate but it will provide you with the resources for you and your family or friends to have a great time playing for hours on end.

Get Out! Patio Pong – Giant Yard Beer Pong Set for Outdoor Fun – 12 Buckets, 2 Balls, 1 Drawstring Carrying Bag

Get Out! Patio Pong

The second set we looked at is this one from Get Out! What we initially liked about this set it the simple setup and the quality of the buckets. The use of heavy duty plastic is something that really sets it apart from a lot of its competitors.

Most people won’t pay much mind to something simple like this, but it makes a major difference if the buckets you’re using don’t blow away in the wind or stand up straight. That paired with the foam balls and carrying case that have been included in the set and you’ve really got yourself something.

This, like the previous set, provides a simple but effective approach. This set, like the last, is a fantastic way to get everyone who’s around playing the games. There’s no requirement of beer or any other spirit, with fun being the primary goal here.

For a very fair price, under $50, you can have something to take with you during all the warm months. Great for the beach, backyard, and park, this is something you should have if you’re serious about spending time outside and having fun.

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table 

versapong Portable beer pong table

The last set we came across is this one from Versapong. Now while the other two are suited for anyone who wants to play, this particular set is much better suited to those who want to play beer pong in the traditional sense (read: with beer). What makes this set fun, like the other two, is that you can take it anywhere and enjoy yourself a game of beer pong.

It’s essentially two stand that have been created to hold the traditional 10 cup setup that beer pong requires. What makes these stands so fun is that they can be packed up and stowed away to be taken anywhere. The setup is extremely easy and quick, thus making beer pong at the park or beach a no-brainer.

This one is, again, for the set who want to play beer pong as God intended it. It could be a game for everyone if pop or water is used, but those other two sets are much better options if you’re looking to make this a family game. For those looking for a true beer pong experience outside of the basement or the kitchen table, then this is certainly the set for you. Otherwise, you’re probably better off with one of the first two sets for a more universal approach to the game. 

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