KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset - 2019 Review

KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset

A wooden playset can give a whole new meaning to outdoor fun. If you have a larger backyard and a small league of youngsters, the KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset could be a great investment.

Loads of activities to choose from, robust construction, and easy assembly are just some of this playset’s benefits. Read our review to find out whether this swing set is the right one for you.

KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset

Designed for kids between 3 and 10 years old, KidKraft Cedarbrook is a wooden playset suitable for mid-size to big yards. It measures 15.75 x 10.66 x 8.58 feet, which only means more room for fun activities; and indeed, this playset can entertain up to 9 children at a time.

Made from robust cedar wood, the set comes with all hardware and accessories needed to install it straight out of the box.

The product doesn’t come with expert assembly; however, if you lack DIY skills, it’s useful to know that KidKraft partners with the Assembly Authority. Although you’ll have to pay extra for their service, they could either save the day or come as a great addition if you want to buy this swing set as a gift.

Safe for kids of various ages, the set has two belt swings which can easily be replaced with toddler swings if necessary. Wondering what activities it offers? Let’s have a detailed look at them below.

Swing Components and Activities

Cedarbrook knows how to take group backyard fun to the next level. Ideal for up to 9 children, it boasts an attractive structure with loads of activities for kids of different ages.

Besides the usual activities you could expect from a wooden playset, Cedarbrook also has various relax areas where the youngsters can unwind.

The children’s favorite is the upper clubhouse that can easily become a castle or fort. Complete with window and flower box, the clubhouse has a generous floor space and can accommodate up to four or five kids at a time.

An erasable chalk wall is ideal for drawing and writing, letting your kids transform the clubhouse into a tiny restaurant, and there is even sufficient room for the pretend play kitchen from the same manufacturer.

The clubhouse can be accessed via a fun climbing rock wall and also gives access to the wave slide. Perhaps two access ways – the rock wall and a ladder – would have been better though, as younger kids may not have the ability to climb the rock wall in all safety.

When your little troop gets hungry, it can sit at the built-in table and bench and have a snack. Little adventurers will also love all the other fun activities offered by this playset.

KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset

Swings and Glider

There is little to argue about the popularity of the swings and glider, and Cedarbrook can entertain up to four kids at once in this section.

The glider is made from high-quality polypropylene plastic secured to the swing bar with sturdy steel chains. Security features include footrests and handlebars for each child. It has a total capacity of 220lbs, but can only withstand up to 110lbs per child.

The two belt swings are perfect for kids 3 years old or over and have a capacity of 110lbs. Needless to say, all kids can have their share of fun swinging back and forth, while adults with petite body frames can also join the game.

They also come with strong steel chains and are removable, so you can fit a toddler swing in their place if you want to.

Wave Slide

As popular as the swings, the wave slider is also great for kids of all ages. Just like the glider, it’s made from premium polypropylene plastic and is weather resistant. Its bright yellow color matches the shade of the swings and of the glider, for stylish, playful fun.

High rails on both sides ensure safe fun for the little sliders, while the wave design adds a bit of excitement.

Climbing Rock Wall

More than a fun activity, the multi-colored climbing rock wall is the access way to the upper clubhouse and the slide. Kids will surely have loads of fun acting like true mountain climbers while building strength and muscle mass.

The rocks attach securely to the wooden boards with sturdy bolts. Standard distances between the holes even give you the possibility to place each kind of rock in the desired position.

Monkey Bars

Young action figures will surely fall in love with the monkey bar. Sturdy beams provide a secure grip and allow kids to drain their batteries while further enhancing their strength and muscle mass.

The bars are made from smooth plane wood, but we still recommend to check each one for any defects, to prevent any imperfections from hurting your child’s hands.


Although this set is recommended for kids 3 years old and over, you might know how hard it is to keep an active toddler away from his pack. The sandbox, paired with a toddler swing, could give a fair share of fun to your youngsters.

But it’s not only for toddlers. Bigger kids will also love building sand cookies or castles. The sandbox and built-in table and bench are both located under the clubhouse, offering a cool, shaded spot for kids to enjoy throughout the summer.

Assembly and Build Quality

Cedarbrook is made from premium cedar lumber treated with kid-friendly weather and element resistant wood stains. All panels and wooden components are thoroughly checked for quality; nevertheless, the wood might have some defects, such as knots or small cracks.

None of these will jeopardize the set’s safety in any way and are more of an aesthetic annoyance if you really care about this aspect.

All plastic components are also made from weatherproof polypropylene. They will not become brittle, although the color might fade a bit over time.

Despite not coming with expert assembly, the playset comes with pre-assembled panels that are simple to fit together without too much guesswork.

A manual with detailed instructions and various videos from the manufacturer can also help you in your quest.

All heavy-duty pieces and hardware come pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-stained. This set must be assembled on a plane surface, and the operation requires up to 10 hours.


The KidKraft Cedarbrook Wooden Playset is a great choice for bigger households or kindergartens. It comes with all needed for quick and secure assembly, and it has enough activities for up to 9 children.

Robust, highly aesthetically pleasing, and entertaining, this playset can be a great choice for your backyard.

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