Spikeball Vs. Slammo: 2021 Reviews

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When there are two almost identical games on the market, such as Spikeball and Slammo, deciding which to buy can be overwhelming. Should you get the popular one or will the cheaper be equally fun? 

We hope this Spikeball vs. Slammo review will help you make the right decision (and for traditional lawn games you can check our articles on kubb sets here, bocce ball game sets here, and corn hole games here).

Spikeball Versus Slammo

Spikeball Review

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Perhaps one of the most active, competitive, and fun backyard games, Spikeball is great to play indoors or outdoors, either in your yard, at the beach, or when camping. With rules kind of like volleyball but smaller balls and different gameplay, it’s easy to pack and take with you anywhere you go.

Although more expensive than its Slammo counterpart, Spikeball comes with a few perks that make it a little bit more attractive. 

This is the original game that started it all, and it comes with a 36-inch target and three volleyball-like smooth balls. Designed for tournament-standard play as well as customizable gameplay, the net is fully adjustable; a feature that makes this game ideal for both beginners and advanced players. 

Furthermore, not only you can determine the bounce by adjusting the net, but we also like that Spikeball comes with foldable legs. This feature is great for storage and transport, but also if you accidentally fall over the target, as the legs will likely fold instead of breaking. 

However, the best feature of this game is the free Spikeball App that comes in handy when you feel active, but none of your buddies want to play. This app lets you find nearby players and pick-up games; a great way to stay active and even make new friends. 

Spikeball comes with a non-transferable lifetime warranty, and you’ll get free replacement of any broken parts forever. It might cost more than Slammo, but all these features could justify a higher premium. 

What Comes in the Spikeball Box?

  • 36-inch adjustable net with foldable legs
  • Three 3.5-inch smooth balls 
  • Drawstring carrying bag
  • Ball pump needle
  • Instructions manual

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Slammo Review

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Despite the different name, Slammo plays in the same way as Spikeball. Manufactured by a different brand, it comes cheaper. It lacks some of Spikeball’s features but has other interesting characteristics you might love. 

The set is similar to Spikeball and includes a net target, three balls, and a carrying case. The net doesn’t have foldable legs, but considering the attractive price point, it’s hard to call it a drawback. 

A feature we like is that it comes with two types of balls. Two of them are tournament-size balls, while the other is slightly bigger. Due to this, Slammo is a great choice for players of all levels, from beginners and youngsters to advanced. 

Manufactured by GoSports, Slammo also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty for broken or misplaced parts. 

Although it doesn’t come with an adjustable net, Slammo has an innovative net design that provides full coverage and prevents the annoying “pocket shots.”

This set might not be as strong as Spikeball, but it’s a great compromise for anyone shopping on a budget. 

What Comes in the Slammo Box?

  • 36-inch net assembly 
  • Two 3.5-inch tournament balls
  • One 5-inch training ball
  • Backpack-style carrying case
  • A hand pump and filling needle
  • Game rules 

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Spikeball vs. Slammo Comparison

Spikeball and Slammo are the same game produced by different brands. Spikeball is the first one launched on the market and kept its primacy among users. On the other hand, Slammo is cheaper and equally fun to play.

Which one is worth your money is ultimately down to you, but here’s a quick look at each game’s main features.



Target size

36 inches

36 inches

Adjustable legs



Adjustable net



Ball type 



Training ball






Ball needle



Carrying bag









Spikeball versus. Slammo Gameplay

Spikeball and Slammo are played in the same way, either in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 teams. Similar to volleyball up to an extent, it requires players to bounce the ball on the net and send it in the opponent field. 

Spikeball’s main advantage is the adjustable net that allows you to regulate the bouncing level. Both sets have nets that cover the entire target area, preventing the annoying “pocket shots” that would make you lose points. 

Slammo’s balls are less refined than Spikeball’s, but they do tend to bounce higher; this feature can easily counteract the adjustable net Spikeball comes with. 

Another thing we like is that both Spikeball and Slammo propose other variants of the game with bigger nets, which are great for more players or beginners. 

A big point goes to Slammo for including a training ball in its set. Larger than the tournament-size balls, it is ideal for beginners and young players who might find it hard to hit a smaller ball moving at full speed. 

Build Quality

Both Spikeball and Slammo are made from PVC, but the former has a higher quality. Indeed, Spikeball is made from robust PVC that resists high temperatures and elements wonderfully. Despite being adjustable, the net is durable and will not need replacement too soon. 

Slammo comes cheap, but the quality of the materials involved is also lower. The balls bounce better but deflate easier, whereas you can use the Spikeball balls for days without inflating them. 

The overall quality of the target is also a bit lower in the case of Slammo, and the strong sun could cause the PVC structure to deform. 

We like that Spikeball has foldable legs which allow for easier storage and transport. You won’t have to dismantle the target every time you want to put it away. Moreover, if falling or tripping over the net, the legs will fold instead of break. 

Undoubtedly, Spikeball is a better choice if you aim for the utmost quality; nevertheless, keep in mind that both sets come with a lifetime warranty. 


When it comes to accessories, Slammo has an advantage over Spikeball. It comes with both a hand pump and ball needle, whereas the Spikeball set only includes the latter. We also like Slammo’s carrying bag better due to its backpack style. 

However, Spikeball stands out thanks to the availability of accessories. The manufacturer sells pumps and inflation needles separately, so you can still buy them if you want. Furthermore, Spikeball also sells replacement balls, smooth and rough balls, as well as training balls. 

Not only; this brand also produces “glow-in-the-dark” balls, which are a great addition to your Spikeball set for nighttime play.

With a wide selection of accessories available, it’s hard to decide which is better between the two. If you really need a hand pump, go for Slammo. If you value more the possibility to buy replacement balls and other accessories, Spikeball could be a better option. 


Spikeball has been the first between the two, and the only reason Slammo and other similar games exist is because Spikeball didn’t register a patent for their creation. That said, Spikeball is still much more popular than all other similar games, and comes with something Slammo doesn’t have, a community. 

If you travel alone or want to play a round, but your friends would rather relax than playing, you can download the Spikeball App to find players and pick-up games in your area. 

Final Verdict

So similar and yet so different at the same time, Spikeball and Slammo are the same game with two different names. Each set, however, addresses another category of consumers. 

Spikeball boasts the utmost build quality. The PVC involved is robust and resists elements. Foldable legs and adjustable net enhance durability as well as gameplay, and transporting the set is also easy thanks to the included drawstring bag. 

Slammo is made from weaker materials, but it’s cheaper. You can’t leave it under the sun for a long time, but all it takes is a bit of care to enjoy this set for the years to come. The balls may be a tad less resistant than Spikeball balls, but they bounce better. Furthermore, Slammo comes with a convenient training ball.

The winner in the Spikeball vs. Slammo competition is down to you. Do you want to join a community of players and need utmost quality, or would you be better off with a set for beginners? 

In the first instance, go for Spikeball; it may cost more, but it will surely impress you with its build quality and convenient app.

If you have never played the game, Slammo could be a better option. It’s cheaper than Spikeball, so it won’t be excessive wallet damage if you don’t like it. Designed for first-time players and youngsters, it also comes with a valuable training ball. 

If we were to choose between the two, we’d go for Spikeball. It’s the original game and has better construction. Yet, regardless of your choice, both are great sets to have in your backyard this summer. And if you are looking for a rather unusual giant game for your backyard, check out our recent roundup of top 10 here!

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