Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse Review

Installing a playhouse in your backyard is a sure way to keep your youngsters entertained throughout the summer. The Step2 Neat and Tidy II could be a great choice in terms of both activities provided and price point. Read our review to find out all its strengths, potential flaws, and whether your child will love it.

Perfect for kids from 18 months to 8 years, the Neat and Tidy II Playhouse by Step2 is a well-built backyard toy. It’s made from plastic, but it resists weather and elements beautifully. With a footprint of only 35 x 51 inches, this playhouse also fits in a larger nursery or living room, so you can bring the fun indoors when the temperatures start to drop.

A neutral color palette makes it ideal for boys and girls alike. Various interactive features will surely keep your kid entertained, while a few decorative ones will stimulate the child’s imagination and fantasy.

Realistic details make this playhouse ideal for role play games. Although compact, it could fit one or two toddler chairs too, in addition to the included bench.

One of the nicest features of this playhouse is the molded floor. You can place it literally anywhere in your yard, be it on the lawn, gravel, or asphalt. The floor also helps keep your home floors intact if you plan to use it indoors.

We also like that it has a rather open design. You’ll be able to supervise your child from all directions, which is absolute bliss. Let’s see how this playhouse can entertain your little one.

Interactive Features

As we already mentioned, Neat and Tidy II comes with loads of interactive features your kids will love. Starting from the doorstep, this playhouse impresses with the following.

Working Doorbell

Toddlers will hardly resist a working doorbell positioned at their height. Unrestricted pushes of a button are a guarantee for hours of fun. The nice thing is that the sound is not too loud or too disturbing, so you can let the kids push it for as long as they want.

Certainly, the doorbell requires two AAA batteries, which are not included. They are easy to find and cheap, though, so we wouldn’t call it a downside.


Another feature most kids adore is the mailbox. It has a slot to drop letters and postcards in it, and a door that opens for easy access. A true marvel for enhanced role-play, if one of the kids want to be a postman.

You can also drop in surprises for your children; for instance, you can leave a cute note for an older kid who already knows how to read, or maybe a snack or two.

Working Dutch Door

Obviously, every house needs a door; yet, many playhouses come without one. Not Neat and Tidy II, fortunately. The playhouse comes with a working Dutch door your kids will love. From a parent’s standpoint, we love that it doesn’t hinder the view, so you can still keep an eye on the little ones.

Working Shutters

Like any house, Neat and Tidy II comes with windows. A difference between this playhouse and many others on the market is the presence of working shutters. Indeed, most playhouses only come with shutters decals.

Your little ones will have loads of fun while playing peek-a-boo with you or their friends. The shutters are designed specifically for the little hands and won’t pinch little fingers.

Sink and Grill

What could be more exciting for a kid than imitating his daddy at the grill? This playhouse impresses with an exterior grill that allows two or three kids to play together without competing for space.

An interior countertop and sink with drainage hole further enhance role play. The playhouse doesn’t come with food or plates, but you can pair any play food with it.

Flower Box

The playhouse also has a cute flowerbox you can use to plant real flowers if you want to teach your kids about gardening, fill with plastic plants, or use it as random objects holder. Regardless of how you use it, that’s certainly a nice addition to the game.


Like any house that respects itself, the playhouse also comes with a phone. The phone itself doesn’t have real buttons or interactive features, but kids can undoubtedly have their share of fun with it.


Great for kids who’re learning how to read time, the clock placed above the fireplace is another thing we truly like. The clock itself is a decal, but it comes with moving hands. Kids will not only have fun playing with it; it is actually educative.

Besides these interactive features, the playhouse also has a fireplace and porch lamp which are only decals but enhance the realistic design of the Neat and Tidy II.

Assembly and Build Quality

Neat and Tidy II is really easy to install in about half an hour and with minimal tools. The molded-in floor reduces the assembly time, but keep in mind that it has no drainage holes. This could be an issue after a heavy rain, as the playhouse tends to become a mini pool.

It is easy to solve the issue by drilling a hole or two into the floor, but this could reduce the resistance.

Overall, the playhouse is well-made and strong enough to hold multiple kids at a time. Designed for the outdoors, it’s also particularly resistant to sunlight. The colors might fade a bit over time, but it will surely maintain its good looks for a few years.


Realistically designed, roomier than it looks, and compact enough to fit in a backyard nook or indoors, the Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse is a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers. It can also entertain school-age children, and it comes with plenty of interactive features so that the youngsters won’t get bored. Coming at an attractive price, this backyard toy is a great choice for your children or as a gift.